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Heritage Slow Fashion

The GW Collection is a brand that advocates the urban contemporary approach to traditional design in clothing, textiles, food and home furnishing. We seek to change the notion that indigenous design is outdated, irrelevant and inferior in popular culture.

Our brand celebrates a lifestyle of Heritage Slow Fashion. We honor the spirit and passion of quality handmade work and innovations that revitalize traditions. We do not follow fads but stay on trends.

We believe in a world of sustainable livelihood for our local artisans. We seek to produce practical, relevant, timeless and impressive products that will have international appeal for the urban lifestyle. We aim for the global market that lives in urban centers around the world, travels a lot and seeks to preserve the environment, economic prosperity and promote local cultures.

In everything we do, we believe less-is-more and speed can be contained to a mindful lifestyle expressed by timeless elegance.