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“One of the most powerful thing you can do to help a society and economy is to put more money into the hands of women.”

GREAT WOMEN NOURISH is our revolutionary eco-system that provides the market place and collaboration platform for women entrepreneurs or women-owned enterprises in the food supply chain.

Our uniqueness is a rewards and loyalty system for all our Customers to keep coming back over and over again.

We are bringing together a powerhouse of small women farmers, producers, owners of café, store and restaurants and even those enterprising women who cook and sell from home kitchens.

  • A woman-owned, woman-led food business (farm production, café, restaurant, food store, home food business)
  • A male-owned food related business employing women in at least half of your work force.
  • An advocate for “buying local” to support small businesses
  • Someone who enjoys building rewards and loyalty points that go back to your future purchases
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    As one of the pioneers, you will enjoy a free sign-up opportunity until the end of the year. This is our contribution to the COVID-crisis to assist women entrepreneurs to grow and find new customers for their businesses.

    1. Entrepreneurs may register to GREAT Women Nourish through this link
    2. To register, Entrepreneurs has to fill up the online registration form, providing the details indicated below.
      • Company Name (if applicable)
      • Contact Person
      • Email Address
      • Contact Number (Landline & Mobile)
      • Social Media/Website Link & Logo
      • Nature of Business
      • Branch/Office Pick-up Address
      • Business Hours
      • BIR/TIN Number
      • Menu/Item list with prices
      • Mode of Payment
      • Woman-owned or led business Y/N
      • Male owned business employing at least 50% women
    3. The GREAT Women Team will review the registration documents. Upon completion of the registration requirements, a verification email will be sent to the registrant.
    4. Upon verification, a welcome email will be emailed to the new GREAT Women Nourish Entrepreneur.
    5. The free sign up will only be from current month of the year June 2020 until June 2021.
    6. The Php 200 registration fee will be applied to entrepreneur registrants starting July 2021.


  • GREAT WOMEN NOURISH Entrepreneurs will enjoy early access to the GREAT WOMEN NOURISH e-Commerce app by July 2020.
  • Build your brand and connection with GREAT Women Nourish and be part of the journey with the GREAT Women community.
  • Post your very own products you can offer to customers of the GREAT Women community and expand your market.
  • Expand your business by engaging customers through their stomach with the food you offer.
  • Enjoy the benefit of arranged delivery services for your products offered.
  • Members of the GREAT Women Nourish community will enjoy rewards points for every purchase transaction made in the app.

As a GREAT Women Nourish Entrepreneur, you are not only preparing food and earning extra income but you are also helping the entire Filipino community have fresh produce and savory cooked meals on their tables.

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