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Fabrics of Life

We scour the archipelago to bring you our curated textiles pushing innovations that revitalize traditional handloom weaving made by small women communities.

For fashion and textiles, our aesthetic is modern and timeless with an urban and season=appropriate approach to the use of traditional patterns

For home furnishings, we promote the urban use of traditional patterns for condominiums, minimalist furniture and warm climates.

In everything we do, we believe less-is-more and speed can be contained to a mindful lifestyle expressed by timeless elegance.

We think supply chain.
Not only of the finished fashion piece,
Or a home textile product,
But the journey of the weaver and her textile to market.

GREAT Women as a platform brand, working with its non-profit ECHOsi Foundation, creates eco-systems of partnership focused on innovating and creating sustainability in the textile industry’s supply chain

  • From the structural handlooms of our weavers to allow new weaves to be produced for market relevance.
  • To new thread combinations creating blends
  • Into defining textile usage for specific functionalities.
  • Creating new design directions where indigenous community motifs are discussed within context of cultural definitions, and redefined through the young generation’s understanding and need for livelihood sustainability.
  • Bringing weaving production in indigenous communities to move into two market levels: on the cultural level for cultural preservation; and on the livelihood level thereby beginning weaving centers-schools that can allow the next generation to learn new color ways, motifs and retranslations still relevant to their culture and the market too.
  • Documenting textile motif and design, production capacities and proper pricing.
  • Supporting continuous product development
  • Opening markets internationally